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Latest News

M1 Fairbairn Cup 2022

Posted by: Arihant Pandey

The Mens 1st VIII performed very well at the 2022 Fairbairns Cup, finishing as the 6th fastest VIII on the river and 4th fastest college VIII. ... A hard term of training has led to one of the best performance the PBC M1 has achieved in Fairbairns in recent years, rowing 4.3 kilometers downstream in 15:03.

Crew: Joanna Henney, Rob Lee, Tom Nuttall, Alex Dalton, Willem Van Otterloo, Nimal de Silva, Arihant Pandey, Jonty Nottingham, Gergely Stomflei.

New Webmaster!

Posted by: Arihant Pandey

Hello, my name is Arihant Pandey and I am the new webmaster for PBC. I'm hoping primarily to revitalize the usage of this website, both as an archive of our history and performance as well as for it to be the proper front face for the club as a whole. ... I'm unlikely to change anything drastic due to exams and time spent rowing but I may be able to rewrite the website in Flask instead of PHP at some point. If you're interested in getting involved in the club, then please check out the Join page. If you have any suggestions about the layout/content of the site, or ideas for new additions then please contact me at

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